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On Apps and Sketchnoting

Going to try to blog at least once a day if i can. We’ll see how long i last.

Some newly discovered apps today

Papyrus seems to be a great app for sketchnoting. Its vector based and the UI is simple enough to switch between tools and colors quickly. It is alsk free with an option to uograde for cloud sync and additional tools. Will give it some time to test out before i splurge on updates.

Line Brush looks like a decent app for painting. Paint actually mixes quite nicely but havent really stressed the app yet.

Springpad looks like a potential clipboard replacement but havent really used it extensively just yet, will have to try out thee experience on the PC before i gice a verdict.

And a new sketchnotable to add to my sketchnotables list:

@stefanibachetti she also has a tumblr of her work at http://stuffmyhandthinks.tumblr.com

Upgraded Your WP7? How to reinstall your apps

I recently got my hands on new Nokia Lumia 800 and I am loving it! Especially how PINK it is!

Anyway, after the initial setup and plugging it into my zune software, I wanted to load my previously downloaded apps through my pc instead of trying to remember what I’ve downloaded and searching for them one by one on my new phone. Turns out, I couldn’t do this through the Zune client. When I tried to download the app, it’ll tell me it’s already purchased and disables the button to “buy” the app.image

I thought I was doomed to a night of testing my memory out and downloading the apps on my my phone but then when I logged into http://www.windowsphone.com and went to the My Phone link then Account


The page showed me my app purchase history with a link to reinstall. Sure it’s a bit manual, but it’s better than remembering from memory or taking a screen shot of the purchase history in the zune app and having to search download the app on your phone.


The reinstall link takes you to a page where you can select which phone to install it to:


Next is a confirmation page if the app needs access to specific services on your phone.


The reinstall link will initiate the download to your phone. I remember the first time I did this though, I was prompted whether I wanted to automatically download the app onto my phone, or receive a message with a link to the app. Subsequent reinstalls no longer prompted me with the options.