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I received this suspicious email today, “Dear Costumer”. At first glance it looks like a legit email, especially when you view it from your phone where the full email address it’s from is cropped.


The email shows it links to “” but it actually links to… which redirects to “” the site looks legit but note the full domain.





Full text of the email reads is below. “Costumer” is already a red flag. I was almost resetting my password through the link but the costumer spelling error stopped me because i was going to tweet about it. This is also another reason why I am peeved whenever brands are careless with their spelling. The day phishers learn to spell will be the day we are all Phucked.

    Dear Costumer,    
    Your Apple ID was used to sign in to iCloud via a web browser.    
    Date and Time: 26 April 2017, 4:08 AM PDT
Browser: Chrome
Operating System: Windows    
    If the information above looks familiar, you can disregard this email.    
    If you have not signed in to iCloud recently and believe someone may have accessed your account, go to Apple ID ( and change your password as soon as possible.

    Apple Support    

Hide Onscreen Keyboard when using an External One (Android)

I was trying to google this when I got a Microsoft Keyboard. It’s such a convenient bluetooth keyboard to carry around with my tablet. I came across this article but it involved 3rd party apps and a complex process. I discovered though that at least with Android 5.1, it’s now a built in function to disable the onscreen keyboard from showing up when you have an external keyboard attached to the tablet.

You’ll find this under Language & Input -> Current Keyboard -> Turn off the Hardware switch


They really need to improve the phrasing of that setting….

Pay More Attention to the Photos You Attach to Your Tweets


The nature of Twitter as a social network has always been about broadcasting and while I’m sure there are some stats to back my next statement up, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a regular twitter user will be following quite a number of accounts, that tweet quite a number of times in a day. I doubt there is anyone, or at least, that it IS the norm to read a tweet, click through a link and move on to the next tweet. Most of the time for me, I’m constantly scrolling through the feed and scanning for things that interest me. I’m not sure whether there’s a psychological reason behind it but i tend to scroll past posts with images that are cropped, i don’t even bother reading the caption that comes with it.


This is how I process my twitter stream:

1. If tweet is all characters – read the first few words and see if it interests me, if not, move to next tweet. If i make it to the end of the tweet and there is no mystery, move to next tweet. Otherwise, click the article that comes with it. If I’m still bored after that, move to next tweet, start over.

2. If tweet has an image – if it piques my interest, read the copy (refer to 1). If not, move to next tweet.


Here are some screenshots i took of my current twitter timeline and the live commentary you would hear if i was processing out loud.



MEDI-move to next tweet…




A post about creating games, promoted? must be a contest, not really in the mood for that now, maybe next time. 

a side comment on this one, if the intent of the campaign was partially brand awareness (since the logo was placed in the image), well, they’ve succeeded on that.



Great image! I actually spend some time reading everything on this image.. learning stuff from people who look like they’re real and happy. *reads caption* oh and here are their twitter handles, let me click through their profiles, maybe i follow the happy people. Or Maybe next time, move on to next tweet.



Gross! what the heck is that?? Go to 1.



Interesting… *clicks link*



Huh? Move on to next tweet



Interesting *clicks link*


So, you get the gist. Obviously, the above was how i would personally react, and your audience may react differently. Some images may compel one person more than the next.

It’s important to understand the context in which your audiences are consuming most of the content that you put out, but in the realm of twitter, we need to keep ourselves updated on how they deliver different types of media to the twitter stream (in this case, images).

Key take-away? Let’s stop putting images for the sake of putting images. The rest of what you say may be overlooked if you don’t pay attention to these details.

image spam?

Got this email from an ex colleague and it’s a link to fill up a survey on some site. What’s wrong is that it seems to be trying to look like it came from LinkedIn, complete with the footer LinkedIn uses with your details to supposedly help you identify whether an email is really coming from them ( though they do acknowledge it’s not the only way.


A quick google shows it is a spamming /phishing email

It’s amazing how convincing their email is, if you look at the sender, it even shows an address to keep the receiver’s suspicions at bay.


I’m guessing it’s because they’re using LinkedIn APIs? LinkedIn should block API access unless we’ve all missed something and this is a legitimate partnership between the two companies.

adventures in sketchnoting


Ever since I inherited F’s Samsung Slate I’ve been spending most of my extra time on it and I’ve really been enjoying the tablet experience.

I’d always been on the quest for the perfect stylus for my ipad as well as the best app for sketching. Even though I’ve managed to find some decent tools (I was using the Adonit Jot Pro and the GoodNotes app and Paper by FiftyThree), it’s nothing compared to this! What I love most is this feature to have one app snap to the side while having another one on the main stage. It’s perfect for sketchnote practice, here I have the TED app snapped to the side playing a video and OneNote on the main screen. A great plus with OneNote is being able to share the notebook with a public link (you can also choose to share this to specific people and require them to login with their Microsoft ID. You can view my practice notebook here!467&authkey=!AJ3l3mwI7Xg9WFg


I’ve always loved one note and it’s great to see that it continues to be a great tool.

Hello new blog

Signed up for a new hosting account with my existing provider since they didn’t seem to be able to transition old users to the new system that had some functionality I needed. That and I wanted to stake my claim on my new name’s .com 😉 I’ll put a lot more effort on this blog. I want to go back to writing again. But first, i should get back to working. I have two projects to finish by the end of this week! (Hey i can be ambitious ;)) One I’m building on MVC and another on IOS. Going back to learning new (okay maybe not so new) technologies. It’s been a while since I last fired up any development tools so it’s going to be tough.


Changing Names, e-mail addresses, social networks, Zune & Gamer tags

Ah marriage. Seems now that preparing for the wedding was the easy part. I’ve decided to take my husband’s name. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn is pretty easy and for the exception of twitter, the 2 are actually accommodating of maiden names.

Before I’m allowed to change my email address at work, I need to produce a document of my legal name change, and that requires me applying for a new passport (my passport is about to expire anyway). If you’re planning to renew a Philippine passport in Singapore, be prepared to wake up at 5 am to physically get a queue number. I’ll detail this tedious in another post, I’m getting tired just thinking about it.

For email addresses, hotmail actually makes it quite easy to make aliases for your hotmail address so if you want to change it, you’re still logging into the same inbox. More details of that here.

For Zune and Xbox gamer tags, it’s actually quite simple. I followed the instructions here and automagically, my Zune account was also migrated and it seems that so have my purchases and subscriptions. YEY! Not only that, my developer account on is actually also migrated. YEY!

My problem now, is my windows phone. Since you set up your live id when you first turn on your phone, and this is something that you can’t change without resetting, I seem to no longer be able to make purchases on the marketplace. Even if I try buying through the zune app, it tells me I have to sign out and back in with the original live id used to set up the phone.


looks like I’ll have to wipe my phone… Sad smile

Vanity URL for Your Facebook Page Without the minimum Fans

If you’re just starting to explore facebook as a platform for marketing, you will probably won’t have 1000/25 (whatever the number is now) fans just yet. Facebook imposed a rule on vanity URLs (<yourbusinessname>) that pages need to have a minimum number of followers before being allowed to customize their vanity URL. More on that on this page

However, with the help of Facebook’s recently released tool to migrate your profile pages to fan pages, we can actually work around this limitation. These are the steps I took:

1. Sign up for a new account at (or use one of your extra ones that you don’t use very much and haven’t set a vanity URL for yet)

2. Add some friends (yourself perhaps?), update your profile, picture, all of the basics especially verifying your email address.

3. Visit to set your vanity URL. Before you can do this, you will need to verify your account via SMS. Don’t know of a work around for for this step though. Also, you can only use a phone number once.This is what you should be seeing:

Before you can set your username, you need to verify your account.

If you have a mobile phone that can receive SMS messages, you can verify via mobile phone. If not, please try to register your username at a later time.

4. Once you put in your verification code, you’ll be able to choose a vanity URL. This should be your desired business page’s vanity URL. IMPORTANT: you can only set this once so choose carefully!

5. Once you find one that’s not taken and confirm your selection, you can proceed to the migration tool to migrate your profile to a fan page. This page will allow you to classify the type of page/business you want to be classified under. Remember to agree to the terms and conditions and click on “Get Started”.

6. Welcome to your new brand page complete with vanity url!

The great thing about setting your page up like this is that the page is an account in itself. When you login to facebook with the email you first used to sign up, you’ll be taken straight to the page admin.

I know i should have taken screenshots but i didn’t think it would actually work :p Try it out now before facebook catches on 🙂