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Nokia Storyteller: A Parent’s Best Friend

I saw this preview of what to expect on the new Nokia Camera + Storyteller combo, I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on the Cyan update.

Nokia Camera + Storyteller Demo

To my delight, the Storyteller app has been updated over the weekend. (I just love waking up to app updates).

Prior to the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview, I was happy that Storyteller allowed me to group and view my photos by date and event. I have an enormous amount of photos and videos on my phone and scrolling through them using the built in photo gallery from Windows Phone 8.0 was a pain. The developer preview at least let me sift through dates which made my use of storyteller close to none since then. That all changed over the weekend as it seems the latest update has now enabled some of the features promised. My favourite being the automatic Story Video feature.

Kids == Tonnes of Photos and Videos

The whole reason I got myself a Lumia 1020 is because it was marketed as the best smartphone camera and having 2 kids, I knew I had a lot of moments that I’d want to capture. I kind of went overboard with the capturing though, i think i now have close to 60+ GB of photos and videos of my kids. This also became my reason to purchase storage on Skydrive, since everything was already backed up over there, i could easily just delete the files that were on my phone.

Nobody is going to have time to look at all that

As tempted as I am to spam my friends’ newsfeed with photos and videos of my kids, I know that’s just going to be impossible so after a day out with them, or with visiting family, I have to spend some time at the end of the day making a photo collage of the highlights of the day and posting that on facebook. When it comes to video content though, I have to review all of them, and select which one i want to post. Again, i don’t want to spam my feed with all the videos. Sometimes though, it’s tough to choose since there’s bound to be more than one activity during the day.

When I really have a hard time choosing, I spend some time with the Movie Maker 8.1 app to make a video collage but it really takes a lot of time.

Since i don’t have any royalty free music, i take the extra step of using the Movie Moments app to add sound and nice titles to my film.

This whole process takes a lot of time, and effort so I end up with a lot of pictures and footage that no one sees.

I Need A Quick Solution!

I’ve been tempted several times to revert to Google & iOS for their solutions, both Native and 3rd Party where there’s pretty much no effort to create really nice, short video collages.

Google’s Auto Awesome

Cameo App on IOS

All my assets are on my phone and on OneDrive so I am pretty much locked in, without an option. At least that’s what i thought.

Enter Storyteller’s Story Video

Like I mentioned, it used to be just a nice way to organize/view your photos. Everything automatically gets grouped by place and date. You can merge/splits stories as well so you’re in full control if it somehow messes up your Stories.


The Story Video feature basically creates a 30 second video montage of all the media in that “Story”. If you’re not happy with it, you can easily modify the photos that are included in the Story Video but still keep these assets in the same story.

There’s a button to edit the story and you get options to change up the photos and the music.



Some improvements that would make it even more awesome:

  • Increase the number of soundtracks (i hear they’re working on it)
  • Increase the length of video shares (1 minute to a length of a song perhaps?)
  • Improve the fonts for the photo captions
  • Add more title effects

I’m really excited to see how this app develops.

Daytrip to Legoland

My brother and his girlfriend are visiting over the weekend and they wanted to go visit Legoland. We previously attempted to go with Erik but it ended up being a really hot day and so we roamed around Puteri, Harbor instead. Erik would have been too you to appreciate it anyway, at least at that time.

They’ve just recently opened the Water Park so knowing how Erik loves the water, we decided to all go (well, except for Celyn, since she still doesn’t have her dependent’s pass)

We weren’t quite sure what to expect about the traffic going in since we’ve had different experiences everytime but surprisingly, there was not much of a queue when we were leaving SG on Monday at around 9:30. Maybe traffic’s already let up or maybe it’s because of the public holiday, not too sure, we haven’t really driven to Malaysia often enough to know whether that would have been considered normal.

Customs was a breeze, we didn’t have to get down from the car. I wasn’t quite sure it would be the same since we had tourists with us, but apparently it was. Going out of SG customs, you pay using your cashcard and on the Malaysia side, you pay with a Touch n’ Go card. If it’s your first time driving in or you don’t have any credit in your existing card, you’ll want to keep to the 2nd leftmost lane to buy a new card or top up. I think you can buy a new card for 15 ringgit and each way is 7. (we have two cards since the second time we went, we couldn’t remember where we put the first one we bought).

Finding the place was pretty easy, as they had signs to Legoland guiding you through out the way. Since there is quite a bit still under construction, it was a bit difficult to figure out where the parking was. There’s three lots and we were able to go in to L1 which I’m guessing was the closest one to the theme park. Parking was 7 Ringgit and you could pay via the Touch n Go card, so it was a good idea that we topped up more than what we usually needed for the toll in and out of Malaysia. Otherwise, there is also a ticketing machine for paying for parking.

We had left home at 9am and arrived there close to 10am, which is when they would open. Already there was quite the line but I guess that is expected of theme parks and it probably wouldn’t hurt if we had arrived even earlier.Toddlers (less than 2 years old) get in the theme park for free but for the waterpark, you’d need to pay 10 ringgit, but they give you 2 free swimming diapers. We ended up buying the annual pass for both cause we were pretty sure we’d be going back again. The annual pass was about twice as much as a day pass would cost.

2013-11-04 10.44.55-1

We did a quick lap around the theme park but for most of the rides, Erik couldn’t go on yet. We did find a toddler playground with a little train track that he could go on.


By 11 am, it was getting quite warm so we decided to take a break, beat the rush hour and have lunch. You could pay with credit card so you can survive with minimal cash (although we did see an ATM machine beside the ticket counters). We spent about 40 ringgit on the two adult meals we had.

Since we agreed to leave at 3 to beat the traffic back, we decided to go for the water park after lunch and it was a great way to cool off. They had both big and small lockers you could rent out for the whole day for 40 and 20 ringgit respectively. Phones and wallets obviously went into the locker so I’m glad i brought my waterproof camera. They were out of the big lockers so we stuffed as much as we could in and brought a small bag with water and food for Erik together with the pram. We parked it at a corner close to where one of the life guards were stationed, though there weren’t really any valuables in the stash and went about our business.

They had a toddler pool that went just up to Erik’s waist and the “Lazy River” where they had floaters with lego block connectors for the blocks that were floating around. They also had a wave pool and of course the big water slides for the “big kids”.


They also had “Cabanas” that you could rent, basically tents that had curtains to give you privacy, a fan, a safe, mini fridge and a couple of regular and reclining chairs and a table. A perfect basecamp for bigger groups. Maybe next time when Yaya and Celyn come along, though there is also a hotel that is opening up in 2014.


When we were done, we went back to the lockers to get dressed. Key learning was to opt to put in a pin as a backup to unlock your locker as the lockers were using fingerprint scanners that don’t really work well on wrinkly, water-soaked fingers.

Outside the Waterpark, there were a bunch of restaurants and shops we could explore while waiting for the rest of the group.

We ended up going home at around 4, a bit more cars than when we came in but still manageable.

All in all, it was a fun trip, definitely one that we’ll be doing again.

I’m up!

When you’re working and married with kids (in my case it’s still just A kid for now) it’s easy to lose yourself in the day to day, go on autopilot for the necessary things to do just to get through a week. Any extra time, you spend it resting cause its difficult to keep up with the energy of kids!

Im glad that F and I have done good on making sure we go on date nights at least once a month, though most of the time, we speed through dinner to go home to our cute little munchkin. It’s great to be able to have a chance to focus on each other too.

One more thing I need to get in order is my me time. It’s been difficult for me to get back into a rhythm of doing things. I’ve had to adjust from single to married to pregnant to mother mode in the recent years and I’ve used that as an excuse to not have time for myself and do the things I used to do (blogging, coding, reading, etc). I have had time but its mostly in bursts, so it never had a chance to be part of my routine. You’ll notice the past few days I’ve been active on the blog scene but I have a feeling it won’t be for long, although I do hope I stick to it.

I’ve always enjoyed reading blogs from the past. Whenever I feel nostalgic, I blog hop across the many blogs I’ve owned (note to self, I should email myself the links to all my blogs and back up my self hosted ones). It’s too bad my first ever blog was hosted on geocities, I won’t even get started. After that I’ve had at least 6 different blogs from anonymous, to work related, tech blogs, personal blogs.

When I started blogging, it was more for me to be able to rant and express myself, than to share my what I know or learned. My friend was thinking about blogging to keep herself occupied but then she said, “why would people want to read what I have to say”. She feels the same about other social media, she’s more a lurker than a sharer on Facebook. It made me think about myself, does anyone really need to hear about my feelings or ideas? I guess I probably should have kept a diary or something but I didn’t want to bother with running out of paper or handwriting or losing a file so i blogged online. And then geocities died so I still lost that part of my life but then I started going back and forth between blogspot, WordPress and live journal and a few self hosted ones. I guess the reason I hopped a few times was because there were some blogs I started that was meant for reflection and some that were meant for sharing tips, code, technology etc. and then there were those that were neglected too long that I’d forgotten their credentials.

It was my job at microsoft that got me started on the habit of blogging to share code/new technology. Although I was still kind of blogging for myself ( I have terrible memory and blogging helped me remember how to do stuff, teach myself and teach others too) a huge amount of it was spent thinking about structure, adding images to make it more understandable, step by step guides. When I left that job all of a sudden I found myself not being able to write anything simply because I thought I needed to structure it, or I need to have pictures to illustrate my point, ending up in the idea not being blogged at all. I envy people who are able to do this naturally, but I’m one of those people who’s brain just flies all over the place. I think I started blogging to make sense of myself, and when i started doing it for an audience, I began to hold back more, edit myself more, and it just became too much of a chore. I did try maintaining two separate blogs for personal and stuff meant to be shared but I always ended up neglecting or forgetting one. I’ve also had a “one blog fits all” phase but when I was getting a lot of hits for my tech posts, I was too embarrassed to post personal ones. I think it was also because a lot of my then audience came through my job so I didn’t feel i could express myself as freely. But now that I think about it, just like in real life, you shouldn’t be ashamed about it. If its something you’re comfortable doing, you can talk about anything and everything on your blog. If you’re posting for your personal blog, I don’t think you should consider whether people would want to hear what you have to day say. I think as long as its something you aren’t ashamed to be associated with, then by all means post! If they don’t like what you have to say, they can always move on.

Well that was a rant and a half.

Adventures in Baby Wearing: a mini review of the Boba and JPMBB carriers

I’ve been trying out baby wearing ever since little E was born and I have to say I love it. Not only does it make a good quieting routine for when he gets fussy, its also great for when we i go out on my own and don’t want to lug around a pram. We don’t have a car, so no place to store stuff when going from one place to another.

The first one I tried was the ring sling but the one I got didn’t have great material in a sense that I couldn’t get it snug around little E. Also, although the sling took the weight off your arms, it was all on one shoulder and when I tried it around the house, I could feel I wouldn’t be able to last an hour with it. And that was back when he was still newborn, he has since doubled in weight. I never tried going out with it. Too bad though, the material did feel like it would have been great for Singapore weather. There are a bunch of different brands but I think what turned me off was the pressure it put on one shoulder, so I didn’t even try another brand anymore.

We had the baby bjorn but my husband would use it too so it was a bit cumbersome to keep adjusting and readjusting. That plus the version with back support didn’t really fit my body. They should probably make an Asian petite version.


I started researching more and found the Boba wrap. It was being sold in one store at Square 2 ( though they do have an online store at ). I went down and got one and immediately tried it out at home. Yes my little man was wailing when I was first trying to put him in but once he was settled, he was quiet and seconds later, asleep. Already I was sold. Walking around the house I actually didn’t feel any pressure on my back or shoulders at all. The only problem was I couldn’t stay in a non air-conditioned room for long, It would get too warm because of the material. It’s like I could feel little E’s face melting on my chest. (a quick fix I found later on was to let him wear a bib and have his face against that whenever he was in the wrap) The absence of pressure on my back was definitely worth it, though. Besides, most of singapore’s malls are all air conditioned full blast anyway. I’ve tried going out with just the wrap and it’s great for the solo flight shopping runs. If I did come home with a back ache, it would be form the diaper bag. I guess with a stroller you wouldn’t have to worry about that. Although with a stroller I’d have to pick him up every time he wakes. With the wrap, he actually hasn’t woken up unless we wake him. It is so comfy that he slept through a diaper blowout (sorry tmi). I wouldn’t use this for long walks outdoors here in SG though, unless maybe it was a “chilly” rainy afternoon/evening. But if the day is going to be filled exploring singapore’s exotic malls then this would be the baby mode of transport for me. It’s quite the challenge to maneuver a pram in a crowded mall. But if I were going out to actually buy stuff, I might bring the pram and still wear the wrap so I can use the pram as a shopping bag carrier and a way to bulldoze my way through a crowd.

Overall I loved the boba wrap, they have a YouTube channel that shows you how to get your baby into the wrap. It’s very simple and straightforward, even as someone who has never tried this type of wrap, I was able to get my baby into it on the first try.

I loved this type of carrier so much that I started to explore other brands too. Baby Slings and Carriers had two other brands the JPMBB (Je Porte Mon Bebe) and Ellaroo, both twice as expensive as the Boba wrap. The lady said Ellaroo wasn’t a stretchy type wrap so I opted for the JPMBB, though it sounds like the Ellaroo wrap would be more climate appropriate. This whole exploration of wraps is actually because of an upcoming trip we have so I don’t mind the denser fabric for now.

More advantages I got from this carrier type in general, ( apart from the obvious having your hands free to do other stuff) Little E always was able to burp when he needed to so he was ok to be put in the wrap just after feeding. He’s been having a bit of reflux lately so putting him in the wrap applies just the right amount of pressure on his belly to help him burp. Whenever he starts fussing in the afternoon, I find that putting him in the wrap (and turning on the air conditioning of course) really calms him down enough for him to sleep.


Looking at the JPMBB website they had a lot of tutorials that showed different ways you could wear your baby with the wrap. This was because the fabric was especially made for baby wearing purposes and it supposedly allows for stretching horizontally, vertically and even diagonally. It’s amazing how many positions you can out your baby in. Its both an advantage and disadvantage. Having different options is great for baby as he likes the Sideways Vertical Seated as he can see what’s going on around (though he always ends up falling asleep anyway). The down side is that the learning curve is quite steep. If you’re impatient like me, I wanted to try out all the different positions and now I’m all confused which step belongs to which type. It doesn’t help that their tutorial videos seem to be done in slow motion, and there are a lot of annotations, mostly in French. Poor baby has been put in and out so mommy can experiment. It took a while and a lot of viewing of videos over and over to kinda get the hang of it. So far I’ve always ended up with something slightly different.

I find it’s also quite difficult to get the main knot down. The dude in the video makes it look so easy but I still can’t quite get it, mine always ends up either too loose or too tight and I’ve always had to readjust after putting little E in.

One other down side is the weight of the material. The wrap is heavier that most of the sheets we own so maybe that’s also why I have a hard time getting the main knot right. That and the way the material stretches is a factor I think. I actually haven’t gone out with the JPMBB just yet. I’m not confident enough to get baby in and out of it, or tying and relying the wrap just yet. The wrap is much longer too but you’re meant to trim it to your size so it fits more people. I am still unsure of what my size is supposed to be so I haven’t trimmed it yet.

All in all, prefer the Boba wrap at the moment as it feels a lot easier to use but i will be bringing the JPMBB one on the trip as well, maybe I will eventually get the hang of it. Despite all the downsides, having the flexibility of different holds seems worth it.

I will keep on the look out for similar wraps with a more appropriate fabric for this type of climate.

Harry Jan 18, 2011 – July 1, 2012


Harry was a one and a half year old British Shorthair. On april 18, the doctors told us he had Feline Infectious Peritonitis or FIP. Either that or some bacterial infection based on the fact that they had extracted 300 ml of yellow fluid from his chest.

We had just moved to a new place, and we were also expecting a little one joining our family. It was also time for their annual vaccination shots somewhere around late march and I guess all of this happening at the same time caused a lot of stress for our cats, William and Harry.

First it was William who got some sort of flu and he was sneezing a lot after the trip to the vets. He was eating and drinking normally so we didn’t think much about it though the vet did prescribe some meds along with some ear drops to help clean his ears.

A few days later, we heard Harry sneezing a bit too. With him though, it was different. He lost his appetite, didn’t drink, and we noticed he was having trouble breathing. His whole body would sway when he stood still from his own breathing. We decided to bring him to the vet for check up.

On the way, again he was so stressed that he peed himself in his carrying bag. He used to pee himself only on the way home.

The doctors did an X-ray and ultrasound and what I saw broke my heart. It looked like Harry’s chest was filled with fluid. So much that both his lungs were only half the normal size. The doctor recommended to do an immediate chest tap, basically draining his chest of the fluid. The procedure would take 1-2 hours so he told me to come back for Harry.

Two hours later, they called and I went back to pick Harry up. That’s when they explained their suspicions about what was ailing Harry. They had extracted 300ml of yellow fluid but until they sent in the fluid for testing, they can’t make a diagnosis but they had their suspicions. They went on to explain what they were but all of it was jargon to me, plus I was a quite worried about what that would mean for little Harry.

”Okay, so you’re saying there’s two possibilities with his condition. But bottom line, are both treatable?” I asked.

”Yes, but depending on the condition, it may take an extended period of time to treat,” the doctor replied.
I felt relieved. As long as it was treatable, we would do whatever it takes to get Harry better. They sent us home with antibiotics for Harry as his kidneys had also been inflamed from the infection.

On the way home, I started researching what yellow fluid and “FIP” were as those were the only things I remembered the doctor saying. I could feel my heart drop as I read articles online saying that cats with FIP pretty much had 100% mortality rate.

”But the doctor said it was treatable,” I thought to myself. ”Maybe these articles are just out of date.”
When I got home, I read all the articles I could find on FIP, and couldn’t find a single case where the result was positive. I got more and more depressed.
On the other hand, Harry started eating and drinking again so that was at least good news.

William was being unusually aggressive towards Harry though. I read somewhere that as part of primal instincts, the alpha male of the pack would try and drive away the weak and sick for fear that they would make the pack vulnerable to predators. I wasn’t sure whether that was what was happening here.

The doctor called my husband to pretty much confirm that it was FIP. They didn’t even send the yellow fluid for testing as they were 90% sure that was the case.

I was furious, maybe because I explicitly asked the doctor whether it was treatable the last time I was there because I wanted to avoid this exact situation, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. When he asked what that meant for Harry, he confirmed what i had read online, that cats with FIP had from a few days to a few months. Obviously, I cried again that night.

Pregnant with our first born, I was scheduled to be induced on the eve of May 7th. Since we’d definitely be busy from then onwards, we wanted to have Harry checked out for any relapses of the fluid etc. He had been back to his normal self, eating and drinking. Apart from William still being aggressive to him, and his rapid breathing, nothing else seemed amiss. The vet’s X-ray was busted so he only did an ultrasound. He could se that there still was fluid in his chest though it wasn’t as much as before. We told him about how he’s been back at eating and drinking normally and he was pleasantly surprised. He recommended seeing him again a month from then just to check on the fluid build up.

We took him for a checkup on 9th of June because he looked like his breathing was heavier than usual. Sadly, the fluid had returned. We had a chest tap done again and this time 140ml was taken out. Again, the doctor couldn’t take out the fluid near his heart.

He was back to his normal self again for a few days but then he started to lose his energy again. I was slowly accepting that it may be close to Harry’s time to go.

On June 21, and we made an appointment for Harry at the vet’s at 7pm. He hadn’t been eating, not even when we tried to give him salmon. Again we couldn’t bear making a decision yet, we got them to do another chest tap. That tap yielded 170 ml of fluid. When we got home, he started eating, however the next day, he was being weak again, not eating as much. When I petted him, I could feel his pulse on his chest beating hard. He was back to being social though so we didn’t think of bringing him to the vet just yet.

We had another appointment made for July 1, by then he hadn’t been eating for 2 days,but that was what he was like before we took him for the previous appointment. We put him in the carrier but then he went berserk. That stress was probably too much for him, he didn’t make it to the vets, even though it was only 5 minutes away.

We knew he would pass but it was painful to see him in his last moments in the carrier. Harry was a fighter, he lasted a bit beyond the life expectancy for wet FIP diagnosed cats.

Weekend Highlights

The Bad

  • Lost Headphones
    I was listening to tunes on my wp7 on the way back home from work but then uncle cab driver was feeling a bit chatty so I did the polite thing and took off my headphones and chatted with him. I’m not sure whether I remembered to toss the headphones in my bag. I just realized the next morning when I went out for a run that they were gone. Sadness.
  • Scratches on the iPad
    Well so much for the claims of the iPad being scratch proof. I guess they relied on people treating it like a holy object that they didn’t think it would ever happen. But alas, while I was cleaning up the screen of the oils and dirt from my fingers, I noticed there was a scratch right by the home button. Sadness.
  • 160 Dollar Ugly and Useless Screen Protector
    Happened while the F was buying his Macbook air so I just chucked in the first screen protector I could find. It was from the brand Power Support and it was supposed to be a privacy film guard. I probably wouldn’t have complained if it worked as a privacy film guard but no, it didn’t work as good as those privacy films for laptops in that you could still see the screen from the side angles but it would be a bit blurry and a bit dark. Now I have trouble reading my iPad in bed since it’s more difficult to keep it aligned to the eye. Also, my Boxwave stylus doesn’t work as well anymore. I guess this was my fault for not checking the price but I didn’t realize that a privacy film could be so expensive, AND so crappy. Sadness.
  • Failed Vivo City Shopping
    On Saturday, the F and I ventured out to Vivo City to shop for an extra battery for my phone and some clothes for our trip coming up in December. I guess we should have just gone to Ion or somewhere nearby by knowing the weekend crowd, we wanted to avoid that (only to find out there are enough people in SG to accumulate a crowd in most malls on the weekend. I did a search online for the shops I wanted to go to: Columbia and the LG. I found online they were supposed to be on the second floor of Vivo City, but apparently after searching the whole second floor (because they make it so difficult to figure out what the store numbers are) we found that not one, but BOTH have closed down. How I wish that people keep their online listings up to date. We ended up taking a cab to Ion anyway. Sadness.

The Good

  • New Sennheiser Headphones
    Although the bundled in ear headphones from LG was already okay quality, these ones are really good. You can never go wrong with Sennheisers. I love the earphones and it just makes the music listening experience so much better. Aural Pleasure!
  • Lunch with the Old Bosses
    It’s always nice to meet up with old friends. I got to have lunch and catch up with not one but two of my former bosses, catching up on old times. We’re all in different roles, different companies but it’s good that (at least I think) the friendship is still there. Happiness!
  • Good Sunday Breakfast AND Dinner with the F
    We had breakfast at a new place on recommendation from a friend at a place called Wild Honey where they serve all sorts of breakfasts. For dinner, it was at an old favorite, Spices of India for a nice Indian dinner. Chicken Tikka Masala is the bomb. Fullness!

As a friend always says, “don’t sweat the small stuff”. It seemed like a crappy weekend but I think we’re still okay.

the not so impossible puzzle.

I saw this video going around and obviously it piqued my interest. Also, my left jaw is acting up again so I don’t really feel like going out and about, so I found something else to amuse myself with.

the so called impossible puzzle

I didn’t want to waste paper and my printer was unplugged so I decided to create a silverlight simulation instead. Try it out in fullscreen below:

You’ll discover that when you re-arrange the pieces as in the video, the blue and green pieces go beyond the boundary at the bottom. This is probably why even when you make the paper cut-out version and try out yourself, the illusion holds because you’ll have no reference to the original square.

At least now I have that out of my system. My jaw still hurts though Crying face

Fixed Red Light & Low Audio Quality problems in Win7 on my MBP

I started out with two problems, the insanely low audio quality + this strange red light emitted from my headphone jack, and not being able to update to Bootcamp 3.1. I’ve been wrestling the internets to find out how to fix both these problems and it turns out, the former can be solved if you get the latter.  I then found the thread on that says the Bootcamp Update has issues when you have remote viewing software. The advice was to remove any additional graphics adapters apart from your actual graphics adapter.

You can do this by going to the start menu, right-clicking on Computer -> Manage.


grr.. so print screen button in MBP is Fn+Shift+F11 (thanks F 🙂

You can right click on the extra display adapter and uninstall for now. You’ll probably need to reinstall your remote viewing software after the update.

After you uninstall, you should be able to install the Bootcamp 3.1 update with the Apple Software Update. I’m not sure whether that alone did the trick to fix the red light problem and the poor audio quality, but I had previously downloaded and installed the latest Realtek drivers for Windows 7 from their site cause I saw folks mentioning this solved their problem though this didn’t fix it for me before the 3.1 update.

Now I can get back to coding with some good background music. Yey Sunday!

New Year Deserves A New Post

I have a good feeling about 2010. I think this year is going to be a year of change. I just realized that this year I’ll be turning 27 and that to me is just a bit scary. I still have a lot that I want to do and if I don’t start putting my mind to it, it’ll never happen. When I first thought of coming to Singapore, I had a plan in mind: That I would do SG for 1 or 2 years, then AUS, then the US. Somewhere along the way, I got a bit sidetracked 🙂 What can I say, Singapore is definitely a great place to work. Here everything just works AND you feel safe at all times. I realized though that I’m getting a biiit too comfortable with the way things are around here. I’m just scared that before I know it, I might be permanently trapped in this  comfort zone and forget that I should be moving around while I still can. So this year will probably be the year I start exploring again. It was supposed to be last year but I guess we all know the world wasn’t in that great a shape. Hopefully, this year will be different. I’m looking forward to new things in my life. People back home are experiencing lots of new things from a different aspect in life. I can’t have that just yet, but I  would also want something to be excited about. Hopefully this year will be the year. 🙂

You’re probably wondering where the new year’s resolutions are. Well, there aren’t going to be any this year.  As per experience, they just don’t work. :p But one thing’s for sure, 2010 sounds like a great year. And I’m looking forward to making it so.