Clean Install on a Yoga Book

I was recently trying to get my Yoga Book to an ideal state trying to maximize how much space I am using that I think I did something to wreck the recovery partition.

After resetting twice, i found an issue where the start menu wasn’t showing my installed Store apps in the search results, which annoyed me as that was my primary way of launching apps. 3rd time I tried to reset, it kept failing. I even tried creating a recovery disk, which it finished creating but when i ran the recovery, that really crashed my machine. Seemed like the files were incomplete and i ended up with a non-booting device. Clean install it is!

Things i used:

* OTG cable

* USB hub

* USB Keyboard (and mouse)

* Fully charged Yoga Book

* 16 GB usb stick

1. Use media creation tool to create a USB installer for windows 10

2. at the time of writing, there are no official drivers on the lenovo site but this forum thread links to a site with the drivers from factory settings important really is the wifi driver. Once that’s connected, using device manager to search online for drivers could probably work. I installed all the drivers on the site anyway, and for the rest of the unknown devices, used the search online function in device manager.

Now I am thoroughly enjoying this device!