Monthly Archives: January 2015

NQMS2 auto-sent SMS

Not sure what happened but my phone just suddenly sent an SMS. Not sure if i clicked on an ad or if it was something in an app. The automated message was NQMS2 N242044526QA. Posting it in case someone else tries to google it. Still not sure what the culprit is.  The automated SMS triggered a subscription and based on the message, it seems i have purchased an “NQ Mobile Service” looking at their site ironically, it seems like it’s a security app. I am not sure what i did to trigger this, but this was definitely not intentional. Not sure if i accidentally clicked on an in-app add or something, if i did, i don’t even remember being prompted to send an SMS. I’ve emailed the customer support email indicated in the message, and thankfully they seem to be helpful. I’m just glad it wasn’t some shady company taking advantage of whatever method was used to send this automated email. I’m going to monitor my apps more closely and see if this happens again. If you stumble onto this blog from googling the code above because you’ve experienced something similar, let me know!