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Vibe X2: Photos from SNAPit Camera not getting backed up on Google Plus

Phone: X2-AP_ROW_S122_141127
Lenovo SNAPit: v


I’ve been using the phone for a while now, I’ve noticed an annoying quirk. For some reason, photos taken with the Lenovo SNAPit app doesn’t get included with Google+ auto backup, even though I have no problems with OneDrive backing the files up. When I take photos and videos with a third party camera app (such as Google Camera and Camera360), the photos upload with no issues. I have tried to reformat my phone, still the issue persists.


While i don’t mind OneDrive backing up everything, I prefer Google+ autobackup because the videos stream better when viewing them on your phone, so i can literally delete the video and photos from my phone once it’s backed up and i can still quickly show it later on even on my phone. With OneDrive, i found that while video streaming works pretty well on the desktop experience, mobile streaming is still pretty bad.


I guess the other option is to use a 3rd party app as a main camera.

My Unanswered Android Questions

 I’d been using the Windows Phone for a while so as expected, there are teething pains between me and Android. The downside of Android being so customizable is the fact settings can be different from one OEM to the next, even though you have the same android version on it. I have asked great and mighty google but all it has given me so far are answers to these questions but for a different OEM, that are not applicable to mine. 🙁 I’m making this post in the hopes that i’ll be able to update it in the future with some answers. Meanwhile…

1. “Sync is Off”

I’d finished setting up my phone with all my apps and mail when I realized my corporate mail wasn’t always syncing.  The icon was greyed out, even though i could sometimes sync my mail.



I was looking online and everyone was pointing to Data Usage –> Menu –> Auto-sync Data. I couldn’t find this option anywhere in my settings. After a while, I got frustrated and just reformatted my phone. After adding all my accounts back in, I finally got the icon to display green. This was regardless of whether I chose manual or push mail. This was also the same for the other accounts that I have on the phone (twitter, whatsapp, etc), all of them had “Sync is Off” even though i was receiving messages, etc from those platforms.

UPDATE: I finally figured out how I managed this. I had downloaded a 3rd party app to manage my battery settings and I forgot that it had a the also missing Sync button. As an aside, this app also has a link to the battery details graph. Still missing is the background data toggle.


2. Is there a way to ensure apps don’t use data in the background? I have apps that do auto backup in the background. When I’m roaming, I’d like to be able to turn off the onedrive/google+/dropbox autouploads that happen in one go, and maybe have the option to turn off background data all together. I still haven’t been able  to find where the switch is for this. Google says there should be 3 dots in the Data Usage screen. this doesn’t seem to be present on mine.