Nokia Lumia 930 Hardware Woes

I recently sent my lumia 930 for repair because the screen was going blank intermittently whenever I made calls.

This issue is apparently because of the loose proximity sensor. It was annoying because i pretty much couldn’t end calls. I discovered later on that double clicking on the power button brings the display back on. That was an ok fix for a while but i noticed later on that the upper right part of the LCD was getting more and more loose. I sent it in for repair and I got my device back today. I didn’t get to inspect it properly when I picked it up because I had 2 kids in tow. The attendant explained that they had replaced the LCD which was great news to me. I saw that the screen and the metal frame still had it’s protective plastic so I was quite happy.

When i got home however, once I took out the plastic of the frame, I noticed two things wrong.

1. The metal frame by the charging port was bent. I’ve always used wireless chargers at home so i don’t think this was caused by me. Also, I’m not sure if the lcd replacement includes the metal frame, if it did, that means that the replacement part used was defective? In the service report, it says the part used is N00812K8 – Care UI Assembly Silver



2. On inspecting the phone further, I noticed a bulge where the camera button is. I tried pushing the plastic and it does bend into place but it doesn’t “click” and stay there. I’m a bit concerned as that’s the same spot that heats up whenever i use the phone intensively. Wondering whether there’s some internal warping going on.



The nokia care center is on the opposite side of the city for me, plus, I’ve really missed using my phone, so maybe I’ll see whether the bulge is actually causing any real issues or is it just aesthetic. It’s annoying but i guess i can live with it. Will probably sending it back in within the warranty period though. Right now, i just want to use my phone.

UPDATE: 15/11/2014

A few things have happened since then, a few days later, i found that my phone was no longer charging wirelessly so i decided to send it in for repair. When it came back, the phone was loose on both the upper right corner, in addition to the part near the camera button. I was furious, it seems like my phone’s condition deteriorates everytime i send it in for repair. I asked the lady whether she really thought it was normal, for the phone to have a bulge like that. She said “Yes, that’s normal”. I gave up because if i send it in again, I would have had to pick it up all the way at Jurong as they were moving operations there. That, plus I really wanted to have my phone with me during my then upcoming trip. The last trip i went on, i was stuck with their replacement phone (a 520) which didn’t take decent pictures.

Now I have discovered that the flash on my camera hasn’t been working (I’ve never had to take night time shots till recently). So yes, the saga continues…

  • David Ng

    Just noticed a bulge on my 930 too. Mine’s on the lower right corner of the back.