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Windows Phone 8.1

The update process for me was a long gruelling one, but i do think it was my fault. I had gone ahead with the update even though i had only 1 or 2 GB left. Apart from the fact that the data migration took forever (overnight since there were 2 updates and i fell asleep in between) I ended up having to reset and restore since my Microsoft account wouldn’t sync for some reason (and yes I did check the time and date). Once I did manage to restore (after a another number of hours), I was prompted to enter my birth date for some reason, I’m guessing this was the reason it wasn’t syncing previously. So if you’re experiencing not being able to sync your primary MS account, you might want to go online to to check that your birthday is set there before trying to sync again?

After the restore, i didn’t even try to think about not having all the 28GB of my babies’ photos and videos offline. I was hoping i would hang on to them till Lumia Cyan is available to create those short video clip montages of your photos/videos using storyteller. I was however missing the glance screen. I was searching for a while and was wondering why no one else seemed to have the problem. I even reset to factory settings again, without restoring from backup to see if that fixed it. That’s when i remembered that it was actually a separate install. I did search for it in the store, but for some reason, search doesn’t function very well. I managed to find the link in this article from wpcentral.

I’m loving the update though, feels like i have a new phone all over again! I don’t mind that i had to reset my phone, i still have all the photos and videos synced to one drive, which is also synced to my pc.  I do love all the extra space i have again. I just couldn’t bring myself to voluntarily delete all those pics and videos.

Pic My Quotes was: Pic Quote

Apart from realizing there was another app named Pic Quote, I realized when said in my local dialect, it means… something.

So after work in the cab, I quickly made some minor edits, including changing the aspect ratio of the image to something that displays better on the twitter without having to expand the image.


One thing that I realized though was that the picture ended up being a bit pixelated on the PC. Will have to fix that on the next update.

Another change i did was update the background behavior. I’ve placed a translucent quote image and made the background color the same as the current phone accent color. I’m assuming that the user would set their favorite color (or the color of the day/event) as their theme accents, so why not use that as the background for the image as well.

Still exploring some other options to make the UI for this app better. I had originally of having text input in a separate dialog box, but then that would be too many clicks.

All in all, I’m finding this process really productive, doing a little bit at a time and publishing to the store. It also really helps that the update process is quite quick, at least for the changes that I’ve made so far.

Stay tuned! ^_^ another update is on the way