Monthly Archives: October 2013

Got Myself a Lumia 1020

I got mine through Starhub and and because of the little bub, I haven’t actually been able to play around with it much. The Starhub package came with quite a bit of accessories:

So, it was a pretty good bundle from Starhub. A bit overwhelming really, not sure when to use the grip and when to use the wireless charging shell and when to charge what through where: via USB, charging plate, do i charge just the grip, or the phone with the grip, etc. I guess i have to calibrate full days worth of using it first which i can’t right now since i’m mostly home with the baby. So I’ve settled for having the wireless charging shell on and having my phone on the plate when I’m not using it.

One thing that’s annoying me right now is that my contacts on the Microsoft account don’t seem to be syncing completely. There’s no error being displayed when i trigger a sync but i’m noticing i have missing some of my contacts, ie they’re not in my phone book but when i go to they are there. I found that they would only sync if i edit the contact and sync my account again. Not sure what the cause is for not syncing some contacts. At first, I thought it was because they were linked contacts but then i saw some numbers that i had recently added with no links or social media connections, they too weren’t synced.I found

I found a bunch of people having the same issue:

unfortunately the Microsoft answer seems to be deleting the contacts and adding them again, which is going to be troublesome since I have nearly 1000 contacts Disappointed smile

I guess I’ll have to find time to clean up my contact list, except that process seems to also be a pain since both the web and metro apps make it clunky to quickly manage contacts. Sad smile