Monthly Archives: September 2013 spam?

Got this email from an ex colleague and it’s a link to fill up a survey on some site. What’s wrong is that it seems to be trying to look like it came from LinkedIn, complete with the footer LinkedIn uses with your details to supposedly help you identify whether an email is really coming from them ( though they do acknowledge it’s not the only way.


A quick google shows it is a spamming /phishing email

It’s amazing how convincing their email is, if you look at the sender, it even shows an address to keep the receiver’s suspicions at bay.


I’m guessing it’s because they’re using LinkedIn APIs? LinkedIn should block API access unless we’ve all missed something and this is a legitimate partnership between the two companies.

Now Officially a Hubber!

Went to the doctors today, I’ve only been able to go out during doctor’s visits, once a week for the past 3 weeks ever since i had that pre term labir episode. I’ve been medicated and under house arrest since. Today marks our 36th week, meaning baby is full term, and if she decides to come out anytime, she’ll be fully developed and ready for the world.

After the doc’s we went for breakfast and then we decided to get our fiber broadband setup and since we were already there, i also decided to port over my number from singtel. After 6 years, ive switched! I’ve always just ranted about it, I thought it was time to actually do somehing about it. The process was pretty straightforward. I also opted to go onto their sim only, no contract plan for half what im paying on contract with Singtel right now. I know i’ll be paying a termination fee but ill probably make it backnin a few months with the lower no contract plan.

They also have this shared plan scheme, meant for dependents. They gave me two other sim cards (size of my choice), theyll have different numbers from mine but will share my a plans SMS, minutes and data, all free for 2 years. Thats pretty much multisim for free! That, plus, i can always pass those sim cards to visiting relatives when they are here so we dont have to keep buying prepaid cards for them.

When the phone Ive been eyeing comes out in a few months, ill probably have tried Starhub enough and maybe i can go ahead and sign up for a contract with them. Otherwise, the sim only plans are not a bad option to test out the network.