Monthly Archives: April 2013

Turning Data Into Insights Workshop by HyperIsland

Joined a workshop by HyperIsland yesterday. The focus was turning data into insight by Jonathan Briggs (@jonathanbriggs), one of the founders of HyperIsland in Sweden.

In summary:

1. Have a theory
2. Test against the data
3. Look for simple changes and explore the impact of making those changes
4. Learn to tell stories with your data

He also took the opportunity to share with us some tools that we could use to find data about certain brands/individuals online.

Ghostery – Interesting tool to remind you of the “ghosts” that are present when you visit a website. I’m now using the chrome plugin and it conveniently gives me an idea of who else knows I’m here. It does also give you the option to block stuff if you wanted.


Tweetpsych is another useful tool. you can use it to get a psychological summary of a person based on what they tweet.

Duckduckgo if you just want to search for stuff and want your results to be unaffected by whether they’ve been paid for or not, this is a search engine to check out. Apparently, it’s based on Bing search data but built with the Yahoo Pipes platform.

Similarweb pretty good website for getting traffic insights presented in a visually appealing manner. You can use this to do competitor research as well.

Spyfu another good tool for competitive research. Gives you information on best performing keywords, you  can compare with compete websites for keyword overlaps and unique keywords. The free trial version gives you a few of the top ones on the list but you’d have to subscribe to get the full list.

Crazyegg very interesting tool for showing you how people interact with your web page. It basically gives you a heatmap of where people interact the most, a scroll map of where people scroll to the most, and a confetti tool that tells you where people are actually clicking, including information like where they came from, what search terms they used to get there, etc.