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Getting started with iOS development

I renewed my IOS Developer account over the weekend and this morning I just got confirmation from apple regarding activation.

//I just remembered, I have to update my legal name…

Now I have to figure out how to deploy an app to my device (again). I remember this being a pain the last time I tried to do it plus I have since forgotten how. The process isn’t something that comes out of a quick google either. So, this is for my future self.

4:38 Treading through apple documentation, still not sure what to do… Went to the Organizer and clicked on “Use for Development”

4.44 Found the walkthrough here here

But I’m feeling a bit lazy about reading documentation. Just logged into the developer portal and there seems to be a development provisioning assistant.



4:57 // found this app called Skitch to do that screen shot, pretty nifty and intuitive

Through the setup there seems to be an XCODE: iOS Wildcard AppID which I found more information on here Basically it says that provisioning a device generates a wildcard app id for you and since I’m only deploying my app for testing purposes, I can just use this one. Otherwise, the assistant seems to have a mechanism to create a new App ID as well.


Next step was choosing a development certificate, which you couldn’t really do anything about so I’ll skip the screen shot.

5:08 stuck on this screen, not sure whether this provisioning profile description is for just this app? Or for everything… :S Bah.


5:08 everything seems to be okay so far…


5:13 I seem to now have 2 profiles installed on my device. I’m guessing that first step that I did at 4:38 actually did the same thing but with the wild card profile? Bah. Okay now what.



5:18 Instead of Team Leader, I’m seeing my name but I do see the public and private keys installed.


5:19 Here goes nothing…


AND IT WORKS! I’ll try deploying on my iPad with just the Organizer route but I guess the easiest way would be to use the deployment assistant.

//on the aside, since I have yet to find a proper blogging tool for OSX, I’m trying out blogging and word –> opening on windows machine and publishing with Windows Live Writer… I know, tedious… but if this works, it saves a lot of time with the images-in-the-blog-post publishing.

Hello new blog

Signed up for a new hosting account with my existing provider since they didn’t seem to be able to transition old users to the new system that had some functionality I needed. That and I wanted to stake my claim on my new name’s .com 😉 I’ll put a lot more effort on this blog. I want to go back to writing again. But first, i should get back to working. I have two projects to finish by the end of this week! (Hey i can be ambitious ;)) One I’m building on MVC and another on IOS. Going back to learning new (okay maybe not so new) technologies. It’s been a while since I last fired up any development tools so it’s going to be tough.