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who wants (to give) invites to facebook timeline?

If you’ve already gone to the trouble of verifying your account and getting early access to the new facebook timeline, you might want to share this awesome feature with your friends. If they’re the type that can’t be bothered to go through all the steps (or have concerns about the verification step), you can simply invite them as a developer and they too can get early access to facebook timeline.

If you want invites, find someone on your feed already talking about getting the timeline enabled and ask them to invite you. If they say they don’t know how, send them this post. They should let you know when they’ve finished #4. Then check out the section For the Invitee.


For the Inviter:

1. visit and go to the app that you created to get verified and click on Edit Roles:



2. You can then add a new developer:


3. Type in your friend/s’ name/s


4. You should see this untill your friend accepts the developer request.



For the Invitee:

1. if your friend has finished inviting you, you’ll get this notification:


2. click on it and you’ll be taken to a page to install the developer app. Once finished, you should see a link that will ask you to confirm your developer request:


3. Once you’ve confirmed, go to the facebook homepage and you should see this notification on the top. Click Get It Now and enjoy Timeline!