Monthly Archives: June 2011

Changing Names, e-mail addresses, social networks, Zune & Gamer tags

Ah marriage. Seems now that preparing for the wedding was the easy part. I’ve decided to take my husband’s name. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn is pretty easy and for the exception of twitter, the 2 are actually accommodating of maiden names.

Before I’m allowed to change my email address at work, I need to produce a document of my legal name change, and that requires me applying for a new passport (my passport is about to expire anyway). If you’re planning to renew a Philippine passport in Singapore, be prepared to wake up at 5 am to physically get a queue number. I’ll detail this tedious in another post, I’m getting tired just thinking about it.

For email addresses, hotmail actually makes it quite easy to make aliases for your hotmail address so if you want to change it, you’re still logging into the same inbox. More details of that here.

For Zune and Xbox gamer tags, it’s actually quite simple. I followed the instructions here and automagically, my Zune account was also migrated and it seems that so have my purchases and subscriptions. YEY! Not only that, my developer account on is actually also migrated. YEY!

My problem now, is my windows phone. Since you set up your live id when you first turn on your phone, and this is something that you can’t change without resetting, I seem to no longer be able to make purchases on the marketplace. Even if I try buying through the zune app, it tells me I have to sign out and back in with the original live id used to set up the phone.


looks like I’ll have to wipe my phone… Sad smile