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protect yourself from click-jacking!

Click jacking happens when you visit a website that shows you content to mislead you into interacting with it. When you do, suddenly messages/wall posts/ etc (because this usually happens on facebook) get sent with your knowledge. Sometimes it can be an embarrassing post on your own wall, and sometimes annoying post to ALL your friends’ walls (which is a pain to delete).

We’ve seen those intriguing videos being posted around our friends’ walls and usually curiosity gets the better of us, so we *click*. It leads to a page that can either be a fake video page, or a fake captcha page, or who knows what these malicious folks come up with these days. So, if you’re the really curious type, or you have friends who really do post weird videos that you’re often interested in watching yourself, make it a habit to browse these links in private, so at least you’re safe from being possibly click jacked.


1.Download and install a browser that supports in-private browsing. I use either IE 8 for XP, IE9 for Win7 or Chrome

2. whenever you see a link to a video that you’d like to view and it doesn’t play directly within facebook (that is, it takes you to another page or opens a new window) right click on the link and select “Copy Shortcut” (IE) or “Copy link address” (chrome)



3. To start a private session, hold Ctrl and shift then press P for IE and for chrome Ctrl+Shift+N. Your new browser windows should look like this:

IE 9





4. Go to the address bar of your browser and press Ctrl+V and press enter. Already the link looks malicious, but since we’re in private and not logged into any accounts, there’s no risk of your accounts being compromised (unless you already have an in private session going on where you’re logged in)



The example above just redirects to google now so they’ve probably taken it down. But since it’s not loading a proper page, we can safely assume that that was a malicious link. At this point, I can either ignore any future posts of the friend who posted since he clearly easily falls into these things, or I can help him out by letting him know that there’s a link to a malicious site that’s been posted on his wall in case he’s not aware. And if you’re feeling extra helpful, teach them what you’ve learned about in private browsing. You can do your part to make the internet (well, maybe just facebook) a safer place. Smile

Vanity URL for Your Facebook Page Without the minimum Fans

If you’re just starting to explore facebook as a platform for marketing, you will probably won’t have 1000/25 (whatever the number is now) fans just yet. Facebook imposed a rule on vanity URLs (<yourbusinessname>) that pages need to have a minimum number of followers before being allowed to customize their vanity URL. More on that on this page

However, with the help of Facebook’s recently released tool to migrate your profile pages to fan pages, we can actually work around this limitation. These are the steps I took:

1. Sign up for a new account at (or use one of your extra ones that you don’t use very much and haven’t set a vanity URL for yet)

2. Add some friends (yourself perhaps?), update your profile, picture, all of the basics especially verifying your email address.

3. Visit to set your vanity URL. Before you can do this, you will need to verify your account via SMS. Don’t know of a work around for for this step though. Also, you can only use a phone number once.This is what you should be seeing:

Before you can set your username, you need to verify your account.

If you have a mobile phone that can receive SMS messages, you can verify via mobile phone. If not, please try to register your username at a later time.

4. Once you put in your verification code, you’ll be able to choose a vanity URL. This should be your desired business page’s vanity URL. IMPORTANT: you can only set this once so choose carefully!

5. Once you find one that’s not taken and confirm your selection, you can proceed to the migration tool to migrate your profile to a fan page. This page will allow you to classify the type of page/business you want to be classified under. Remember to agree to the terms and conditions and click on “Get Started”.

6. Welcome to your new brand page complete with vanity url!

The great thing about setting your page up like this is that the page is an account in itself. When you login to facebook with the email you first used to sign up, you’ll be taken straight to the page admin.

I know i should have taken screenshots but i didn’t think it would actually work :p Try it out now before facebook catches on 🙂