Monthly Archives: April 2011

Since when did facebook require credit card info to build an app??


Had the urge to build a new app recently when I came upon this. Since facebook doesn’t support mobiles in SG yet, I have to go with the credit card option. What’s going on? I’m not sure I want to give my cc info especially with all those click-jacking apps floating around. But now that I think about it, maybe those apps are the reason why facebook is putting this extra security measurement. Still though, I’m not comfortable with giving out CC information, too scared I’d end up with a bajillion facebook credits because I clicked a link. :/

I’m glad I created a lot of apps in the past, maybe I’ll try and recycle the ones I’m not going to use anymore…

Fixed: Wifi keeps dropping on mac/ipad

Ever since we got a new router to replace the one that broke down, we’ve been having trouble with wifi on Macs and iPads at home. Strange cause my win7 machine seemed to be doing fine. So it turns out that we had WEP security on and after searching through forums setting it so WPA or whatever the most secure settings are actually fixes it. No more problems with the wifi. Well, the range is still a problem. Not really sure where the best place is to put the router. Right now it’s in the bedroom, but then our XBOX in the living room can’t seem to get a stable connection Confused smile Bah, we don’t play that much games anymore anyway..