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Surprise London Visit

We arrived LHR at 5am Saturday. We we aiming to get a transit without visa
pass for me so we could see a bit of London. But the customs girl told us
there was an internal bus to terminal 5 and we didn’t have to get out of the
airport. Great, we had 12 hours to kill inside the terminal. Once we got
there and once the sun had risen, I got to see snow for the first time in my
life! I was so excited! A few hours later when they started canceling all
the flights in the day, I was not so excited anymore. Eventually they
cancelled our flight too which was scheduled to leave at 6 and They gave me
a 48 hour visa into london.

Of course, we checked our bags all the way to Stockholm so it was impossible
to find it among the sea of luggage that was splayed throughout the area
(not sorted in anyway). There was a form we filled in to have them ship it
to Stockholm. Good thing, we had on carry-on some of our cold clothes. With
the help of our friends, we managed to find a hotel here in Soho.

After that, the first thing we did was do essentials shopping: Macbooks
charger, iphone charger, kindle & windows phone charger, and underwear. We
had finished our batteries from watching Meet the Parents trying to kill
time at the airport (we totally related to the baggage loss scene). We
managed to book our flights for Monday at the same time, so here’s hoping it
doesn’t get cancelled.

The next day, we decided to make the most out of being stranded by walking
around the area. I got to see the london eye and big ben, and somewhere
midday, we went to watch tron (just to keep a bit warm since my face was now
wind burned). In the afternoon, we had a surprise visit from the F’s sister
and a daughter, very cute little angel! That definitely made the afternoon a
lot of fun. They left around 7pm but at that point, F & I were also already
very tired so we went back to the hotel to rest.

And now at 3 am we’re both wide awake O_o I guess this is jetlag…

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Hosting WordPress on a Windows Hoster

I remember having this problem before which I have forgotten about and hadn’t experienced, until I had updated my WordPress installation on a Windows hosted blog. I got the error, “Failed opening required ‘./wp-blog-header.php’ “. Just so I remember next time, 2 files I need to update when this happens:


change: require(‘./wp-blog-header.php’); => require(‘wp-blog-header.php’);


change: include(‘./wp-load.php’); => include(‘wp-load.php’);

UPDATE: One more thing, in order to enable publishing images through Windows Live Writer, you have to manually create the wp-content folder as well (or is it wp-content/uploads…)