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I got myself a new Windows Phone 7 phone (7 phone, 7 phone,..)

Call me easily amused but there. So finally, I got my WP7, its an LG Optimus 7 (LG-E900)

Photo of LG taken with my iPhone 3G:

photo (1)

Photo of (iPhone viewing photo of LG taken with iPhone 3G) taken with LG.


I had wanted to do a whole unboxing thing but just right after I finished paying for the phone, I had to get on a conference call. I think my iPhone sensed it was being replaced because it refused to cooperate. Till now, I can’t seem to go anywhere but the contact list. Basically I couldn’t pull up the keypad to dial O_o. I had an idea to sms the number to someone (the F was the lucky recipient) so it can turn into a smart link that I can click to dial. Yes that worked, but then I was prompted for the conference passcode. Again, something was wrong with the keypad so for some reason, it wouldn’t respond to me pressing 9. I can’t reboot, no matter how long I press the power button, so now I’m just waiting for it to die. (that was just too amusing a story not to tell) So even though I hadn’t charged my new phone yet, I quickly unpacked it, put the simcard in, quickly clicked through the settings and joined the call.

So obviously, the first thing I’m going to say is that you can get it up and running quite quickly, although it could be faster if we had the option to skip the configs and go straight to calling. At least it doesn’t require you to plug it into a PC first before becoming usable.

First thing I did was sign in with my Live ID and configure my work email, which was pretty straight forward. I’m happy that it seems my zune pass is working ^_^ it’s a good thing this phone has 16gb then. I also got my avatar in xbox live peeking occasionally on the tile (very cute, I’m glad I have a cute avatar). I quickly tried the panorama shot: Actually, I wasn’t sure what it was doing which is why it’s a bit blurry.. and random.. that’s the inside of my room by the way.


So apparently, you start it up and then just pan around, no need to click, it actually does that for you once it detects it’s the right moment to. You’ll also be shown a visual guide where you should be moving your camera to. The scan search app also looks interesting. It allows you to view the restaurants and places in your immediate vicinity using augmented reality. I’d post pictures but I’ve yet to figure out how to take a screen shot in wp7.

I did manage to try out the Ring it feature on Map it didn’t work, I think its because I had my phone plugged in syncing when I triggered it.



Right now, I’m liking this purchase very much. Haven’t seen the Omnia 7 so I’m not sure the “nicer screen” is worth the wait. One thing that bothers me though is that I keep accidentally clicking the camera button, actually half click only so I don’t activate the camera. It’s just a bit annoying but I can live with it. The buttons are a bit too “clickety” too, but I guess it’s alright.

That’s it for me for now, I’ll need to figure out how to do a screen cap in wp7 before a more comprehensive review.

the not so impossible puzzle.

I saw this video going around and obviously it piqued my interest. Also, my left jaw is acting up again so I don’t really feel like going out and about, so I found something else to amuse myself with.

the so called impossible puzzle

I didn’t want to waste paper and my printer was unplugged so I decided to create a silverlight simulation instead. Try it out in fullscreen below:

You’ll discover that when you re-arrange the pieces as in the video, the blue and green pieces go beyond the boundary at the bottom. This is probably why even when you make the paper cut-out version and try out yourself, the illusion holds because you’ll have no reference to the original square.

At least now I have that out of my system. My jaw still hurts though Crying face