Pickupflowers.com Review


Doesn’t guarantee mean anything anymore?

I call BS on this as I’ve had a TERRIBLE experience.

I made an order with them on 22nd of December, specifically because they had a statement on their site that they guarantee delivery on or before Christmas. I received a confirmation email with the following note: "Order Before 12/23/09 5:00 AM*CDT time for assured delivery of this gift to your loved one on or before Christmas." And since the deliveries are made through local florists, as stated http://www.pickupflowers.com/info/about-us that’s not hard to believe.

On the 23rd, i went online with their Live Assistance CSR inquiring about the order. I was told that the order was "delivered to the recipient". So I contact my recipient and ask about the delivery and he says he hasn’t received anything.

On the 24th, I send an email to customer service asking for the details of the so called delivery to ask who has signed for it – No response.

On the 25th I call their CSR informing them that I’ve spoken to the intended recipient and that he hasn’t received any packages which they had claimed they delivered and would like to know when and to whom exactly they delivered the package to. He said he would check with their local agent. I mention to him that if this doesn’t get delivered on or before 27th, I would like to cancel the order as the recipient will have left the place of delivery on the 28th (local time). He says he will check with the local agent and get back to me. I ask HOW he will get back to me, and he says he will send me an email.

On the 26th, I send an email to the CSR stating i am still waiting on feedback regarding my order. At this point, I’m assuming the order has gotten delivered to the wrong place or whatever so I tell them i hope i will not be seeing a bill for this.

I finally got a reply from their CSR email address, apologizing for the inconvenience, and that they were still waiting for the reply of the local agent regarding the non delivery of the order and that they would get back to me immediately after receiving the information from them.

On the 29th, i reply to them expressing my dissatisfaction with their service and informing them that the recipient has already left the place of delivery.

Later on in the day, I check my credit card account and notice that I was charged for this service. I send them an email wanting to know why i was charged for an order that was never delivered. – No response

I contact their Live Assistance and explain my situation. They went on about explaining the weather conditions hence the order was not fulfilled in time but that it was going to be delivered “today”. How they will manage, that i have no idea as the recipient had already left. My biggest issue is that I was told it was delivered to the recipient when in fact it was not, and now they’ve delivered it when the recipient is no longer there.

Then he goes on to tell me that as a token of their apology they will refund me 50%. Not 50% plus the order value, but 50% OF the order value.

So in effect, paid the 50% for the stress of having to chase after their customer service people to tell me what was going on, and for not having been able to a gift of Christmas cheer to the intended recipient.


In summary, i guess you can say i won’t be joining their "more than 100,000 satisfied customers across 80 countries".

This rant has also been posted on http://bit.ly/6YTzgy for the benefit of everyone who is evaluating delivery companies to entrust with something as sacred as delivering flowers and the like.

  • I love it, I was so scared to send the flowers since this was my first time, but he got the flowers on time. I am very happy

  • mm

    i should have known before dealing with this people. same rant here..they emailed me that they delivered the package when they really haven’t.

  • Megan Crowley

    I had the exact same problem with them today. Their customer service is absolutely terrible! They delivered the flowers to the wrong house and refuse to tell me who their local supplier is. I am in shock. What can I do but write a complaint and dispute the charge via Paypal?

  • Hi Megan, that’s what i did, write a complaint especially since they would only refund 50% O_o. In fairness to them, they emailed me a month later apologizing and eventually gave me a full refund after.. although i was already in the process of requesting a charge back from my credit card company ^_^. Good luck!

  • Picky flower

    I am not surprised that their “local agents” don’t deliver in time since they don’t get paid in time. The whole crowd is a rip off. They get a huge cut of the order price and leave their bills unpaid. So the florists just can’t be arsed to deliver their orders for free. I would never use the service.

  • Pepe


    So I decided to send my girlfriend flowers on Valentines day. Not only did the company screw up by delivering them to her neighbour, they didn’t even call her like they said they would. The picture on the website didn’t even match the ugly flowers and card she recieved.

    • so sad to hear about your experience.. i’ve heard a lot of similar stories, minus the delivering to the neighbor! 😐 thanks for sharing though, hopefully it’ll help others in the future.

      Would also love to hear recommendations on any GOOD sites for flower delivery for a change. hehe

  • Rose

    Absolutely pathetic service. I placed the order almost a week ago for Mother’s Day flowers to be delivered to India and it’s evening there now and yet it hasn’t been delivered. When I called them up and asked them they are so clueless, they don’t even know who their retailer is in the city. They “trust” they will deliver soon enough is what I heard from them. And then again they don’t promise that the flowers will be fresh given that it is going to be delivered late. Absolutely f*** all service! Will never use them ever again. More stress for every buck you pay these folks!

  • Dimo

    Do not order from this site ever. I ordered flowers to be delivered to my girlfriend in Germany on Friday June 18th. I paid extra money for the next day delivery, got confirmation for delivery of the flowers on Friday 18th.
    However the flowers did not arrive until Monday of the following week. To make things worse they claim they will check with neighbors and leave the flowers with them. Nobody did that or even try to call the number I left there.
    I contacted their customer support for refund, all they said was the delivery is not guaranteed. If it is not then don’t advertise next day delivery!!!

  • sweet_laine

    I agree with the rest of the comments. I ordered flowers to be delivered to our client(Philippines). they have live chats to assist but they never update their website which arrangement is available or not. they update order thru mail but never call…so happen that the flower i ordered is not available…so to make it short if not check online then my order would not be delivered at all.

    as advertised to their website” Experience Superior Service” i guess not all could have it…not guaranteed to place order online

  • flowerexpert

    Please, I don’t really write a review, but this website made me do and I am telling you, listen to the other review about this site and it is the worst!! more of a scam website for me. flowers are great, but the overall service is terrible . Their checkout thing in their website does not work that much. Just like on my last order, I did not really click the check out button and suddenly I received an email saying that I purchased that item. Long story short, Do not try to order in this site. Man, really a scam site! 1/10 : 1 – because of the flowers quality.