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Now Showing @ Golden Village Webslice

I’m a movie buff myself and I was very happy to see that Golden Village has put up their own web slice for movies now showing 🙂 Head down to and install the slice by hovering over the Now Showing section. Great thing is that once you’ve installed the slice, you can actually buy tickets straight from the web slice. Cool stuff! I see Fanboys is on now, that’s definitely a must watch hehe


Piss Offline!

I was watching (check out the day 1 keynote recording, definitely a must see) the other day when they announced Silverlight 3 and I was just really excited about the things that were coming.You can head down to to see a list of the features you can now play with. I wanted to try out the Out Of Browser feature which they call “SLOOB”, on my Piss Off application (the only app I know how to build :p) Whats’s great was that i didn’t have to change any part of my code except the ApplicationManifest.xml. Here’s what it looks like:


Things to note, I added the EntryPointAssembly and the EntryPointType (LiveSearch was the name of my project), and Filled in the <ApplicationIdentity /> I wanted to use custom icons for my app so I added this to my project and set the build types of the icons to “Content”. When I published my app on and right click on it, I now see the option to “Install Piss Off onto this computer”:


When I click, I have the options to either create shortcuts on the Start Menu or the Desktop:


When i clicked ok, I can now see the app running, complete with my custom icons!


Sorry about the name, this app can’t really run offline right now since it pulls from the Live Search service. I’ll think of some offline functionality for this application and put it in soon. 🙂

If you want to find out more about Silverlight 3, start with Laurence Moroney’s free e-book of First Look: Microsoft Silverlight 3 then get your tools from

Happy SLOOBing!

One Blog to Rule Them All..

Yes, I have created a new one. I just felt that I needed a place to rant out in public, well, a select public. That’s where I think Live Spaces has potential. If only there was more granular control over who can read what, I’d definitely switch over permanently (i think). Right now, you can filter out who from your contact list can read your blog. You can specify individuals, and groups. But the thing is, right now it’s an all or nothing option. If I were to diagram how I (would) sort people on my contact list right now, it would look something like this:


And I’ve found so many instances where I felt the need to rant about something to a specific audience, or more accurately, exclude a specific audience. I would be nice if I could just tick some boxes to indicate which audience I want the post to be visible to.

The reason behind me being a blog nomad is because I always felt the need to create a new blog for a certain audience. I used to blog just for myself so I didn’t care. Then there was a time I used the blog to update my friends so i thought of creating a new one. Then I got a job and started blogging both work related stuff and work related rants, so i thought of creating separate blogs for this. Then of course, there are the emotional issues, which I didn’t really want to mix with work, so I had to create yet another. There was a time I grew tired and finally created this blog, where I just sorted out my posts to personal, tech and media (for my random creative outbursts). I noticed, the most important reason for blogging (it starts with an “R” and ends with “anting”) has now been taken away since i did that. Both my work contacts and my personal contacts are looking at the same location now so I can’t rant about either! So yes, this was not a very smart move.

Oh well, till that day comes, I will have to make do. But even if I do find a platform for one blog to rule them all, I think i will still have to keep 2 blogs. The other one would be for the rants where I would rather remain anonymous and solicit feedback from strangers hehe

Yey! New Theme!

It’s amazing what a little theme change can do. I had the feeling it was about time for a change. I love this new theme because it gives my posts much wider space! also, the width adjusts to the browser so there’s not much wasted space. Now I feel more compelled to blog more because of this new look. I was kind of contemplating moving again (blog nomad strikes back?) but maybe I’ll hold that one for a bit more, change in theme will be enough change for now. 🙂 I also considered removing the the auto-twitter-posts-aggregating-thingamagig, but I chose not to, just to give more pressure on myself to post more. Maybe I should add a new category though… hrmm.. maybe some other day..

Now I have to think about something to code and write about. My technical category is getting very weak.

Things i think i have too many/much of..

– Live IDs
– messenger clients
– flash drives
– video card driver related BSODs (damn you atikmdag.sys!)
– old mobile numbers
– insecurity issues
– falling hair
– abandoned blogs
– active blogs
– unknown friends on my friends lists (not just facebook)
– inactive social network accounts
– miles between me and my family and friends
– gadgets and gadget related items in my handbag
– receipts in my wallet
– cab rides to work

// to be continued…