Monthly Archives: February 2009

Keeping the blogging habits in check

A few days ago, I created this simple silverlight application that graphed out my latest ten posts according to their type. ( I noticed I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to so I guess it would be good to see just to see how bad it is. If you look at the graph now, majority of the posts are coming from my tweets which are automatically aggregated and posted by my blog.

I guess it all boils down to the reason behind my blogging. If it’s to keep my friends and family updated about my day to day life, then I shouldn’t really be worrying about my tweets consisting most of my posts. They are after all, still mini accounts of the things I am doing. I guess beyond that though, I look at blogging more as an exercise of writing. I like writing. I wish I had better things to write about but still I enjoy it. I think it’s a nice way to express what’s on my mind, and somehow it sets my mind at ease.

A Personal Post

It’s been a while since I haven’t posted in the personal section, apart from the automatic tweet aggregation. Seems like I only post here when I’m going through tough times in my life. My blog has always been my loyal confidante through all sorts of trials. I guess you can say, things have been better than they have been in the longest time. That’s not saying I’m having no problems at all, in fact, we’re experiencing very tough times right now. But hey, life will go on. 🙂

Playing with the Silverlight Toolkit

Yes, it’s as easy as it looks. I’m actually just creating this post so that I can test the app I just built. The Silverlight Toolkit has actually been in release since December but I haven’t had the time to play around with it yet. In the toolkit are some really cool components that you can start using in your Silverlight applications. I’m going to need to work with some charts in an upcoming project so I decided to test it out.

Installing the toolkit is easy. All you need to do is download the binaries from the site (or you can download the package with the source files if you want to do a bit of tweaking of your own). Once you’ve downloaded and unzipped it onto your drive, you can add a reference to the dll’s in your project.

Right click on references and select add reference:

In my case I wanted to make use of the PieCharts so I added the DataVisualization dlls:

Also, to make things easier, you can add these new controls to the toolbox by right-clicking on it and selecting Choose Items..

Then navigating to where you unzipped the dlls and of course selecting. Your toolbox should then be populated with the controls when this is done. Note that you won’t be able to drag and drop any of the controls to the design view, but you should be able to do it on the XAML code. When you do that, Visual Studio will automatically add a reference to the namespace and you can start using the control in your code. You’ll get something like:


For the sample, I followed what was stated in the guided tour, but I moved the title attribute to the Chart element. The title didn’t seem to show when I placed it on the PieSeries element:


As for what the application does, it simply reads the latest 10 posts from my feed and counts the number of posts tagged as personal, media, tech, and the posts whose title starts with “Tweets” which are basically posts that aggregate my twitter posts in supposedly a day. I wanted to have a visual of how much I’m actually leaving this blog to the hands of my twitter aggregator :-S.

Yet another blog to be born

There was a time when I had a blog for every purpose. There was one for my personal stuff, one for music stuff, one for technical posts, etc. Then, there came a point where I wanted to be able to have all my posts in one place, so now both my tech blog and personal blog is all here. This has therefore become the blog which i aggregate to my social networks. So consequently, I have people from work reading the stuff I write and that’s fine, until i find myself in moments when I just needed to rant about things. I have then since realized that mixing business and pleasure might not be the best idea after all. I felt like i’ve lost the one friend i could confide in. All of a sudden, I had to watch what I post on my personal blog, to make sure no one misinterprets something that I write. I’ve realized, it’s not as much fun anymore. So now I barely post on my blog, which is sad. Every now and then, I find myself reading my past entries in my old blog and I find it amusing to remember all these little incidents in my life that I so freely wrote about. I miss being able to write about nonsense when i feel like it. I’ve just finished creating yet another blog site. Not sure yet when the move will occur. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂

UPDATE: Web Messenger is HERE!

You can find the Messenger icon on the upper right corner of the page when you access Live Mail from the browser.



Once you sign in, you’ll have the same presence options as you do on the client version of the messenger.


You can access your contacts and start an IM conversation.


And this is how the messenger window looks like:


There is one problem though:


nudging is quite important for me as well 🙂

Mobile blogging

It’s been a few days now using the iPhone so I thought it was about time to write a post about it. And I wanted to try out the wordpress application for blogging too :p I must say typing on the touch screen still needs a bit of getting used to. I actually think I could sprain my finger easier with this than a phone with an actual keypad.

apart from this, battery life isn’t re greatest either.It doesn’t seem to last me 24 hours. And no I don’t use my phone in my sleep. I guess it has to do with the fact that I ply with the apps quite often too, especially the social networking ones.

I think it has a bug too though since it’s happened twice already. There are times when I enter my phone’s pin it tells me I’ve entered the wrong passcode even though I carefully enter the right one. First time it happened, I kept retrying till it gave me the broken apple screen. I had to do a restore through iTunes. The second time was just this afternoon. I retried and put it to sleep a few times still with no luck. A call came in though and after I finished, I tried entering my pin again and this time it worked. I will try to reproduce the problem tomorrow.

Anyway, this post has become long enough already (for a mobile one) so I am signing off!