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Microsoft Ordered to Delete Browser –

Problem: a governing body sees a violation of anti-trust laws in bundling a browser with an operating system.

Yes, we should not bundle OSs with browsers. When my grandmother decides to buy a net book, she’ll have to do a bit of research first on which browser she should get, then figure out a way to download and install this browser onto her machine, since she can’t buy these things off the shelf as these are free products. Hmm, maybe browser makers should give out installation disks to PC resellers to give out to customers when they buy a new machine. They should also have all their information available at the computer shops so that aside from the customer having to decide which spec of computer they need to buy, they can also contemplate on what browser they want installed on their machines. Okay, maybe not have the disks given out to customers then, shops may have to invest some of their sales peoples time in browser installation support calls. Maybe just as they have PCs with different configurations of hardware, why not add to the complexity by having different OS-browser combinations as well. OR maybe we should just have all browsers installed on the different OSs installed, and add to the bloat-ware.

I bet majority of the people who purchase computers these days have internet access as one of the primary functions of their soon to be computers, and most of their internet interaction occurs within a browser.  I really don’t see why we need to make this goal any more difficult to achieve for them.

Microsoft Ordered to Delete Browser – NYTimes.comI

Set Up Your Favorites to Sync!

I just discovered this new feature of the Windows Live Toolbar today when I tried it out and signed in. When you click the button below, this will actually initialize the the synchronization of your browsers favorites, with a folder in your sky drive.


Once the synchronization is done, you’ll find the folder in SkyDrive. If you repeat the same process on a machine with the Live toolbar installed, it’ll synch all the favorites combining your previous ones with the current ones as well. I keep rebuilding my machines and rather than manually copying the favorites folder off my machine before wiping it. i forgot to do this before which is why you can see my favorites are pretty bare. With this, I’ll definitely go back to getting these links organized. 🙂