Monthly Archives: December 2008

A little hesitation…

There’s been a lot of thinking going on in the past few days, hence the silence on my blog. 🙂 As 2009 draws near, I keep thinking about what has happened in the past year, and what’s coming in the new one. Several times I’ve thought about myself and the things that I wanted to change about me. One resounding thing was hesitation. Many times I find myself in little situations where I need to make a decision. What often happens is that I think too much about it and I end up making no decision. It happens with the little things, little things that I think wouldn’t have a major impact if I didn’t act on it.

Christmas eve, we were at a line at a grocery store, when I noticed a lady 2 queues next to us panicking. She was saying something about her vision, I couldn’t quite make out what she was saying. She looked a bit lost for a full minute. At that moment, I was debating in my head on whether to come up to her and ask her what was wrong or not. But I hesitated, cause she might be fine, or she might be crazy :|. A few seconds later, she screams for someone to help her get outside. The next moment, she faints and hits her head on the ground, and drifts into a seizure. Then I saw her blood coming out. Lots of it. It was a shocking sight. and for a while I couldn’t get that image out of my head. The staff reacted quick enough. They called an ambulance and by the time we got out to the cab stand, we saw the ambulance coming. She seemed to be conscious while she was being loaded into the ambulance.

I know it wasn’t my fault and no one is asking me to save the world or anything like that. But that experience was a bit of a “waker-upper” on the effect a moment’s hesitation can possibly cause. I kept remembering what my boss told me on one of our 1:1’s, he said it was okay to make the wrong decision but “the worst thing is to NOT make a decision”. I guess it was in an entirely different context, but I noticed this behavior of mine spans to a few and definitely needs fixing.