Monthly Archives: November 2008

Silverlight 2 & Dynamics CRM

I was doing some research on Silverlight 2 & Dynamics CRM integration and found this post by Humberto Lezama Guadarrama where he posts a sample project that demonstrates how to consume Dynamics CRM Services directly from Silverlight 2. I was getting an initialize error when I tried to run the code though. This post helped me fix that. Turns out, there were some inconsistencies in the namespace declarations in the project properties. I’ve modified the code and uploaded them here for those of you who want to straight away run it without having to do the MODs yourself.

Note: to run the project, you should have Dynamics CRM installed and you’ll need to modify the server name and org name in the code to get it to work.

Deep Zoom Composer Updated!

Was browsing through my twitter updates and saw the update from Liveside about the update on the Deep Zoom composer ( What’s so cool about this update is now there’s support for Seajax in the composer. For those of you who don’t know what Seajax is, find out details on the Live Labs page at  but it’s basically a way for you to get the Deep Zoom functionality of Silverlight with just JavaScript. Very sweet. Download the Deep Zoom Composer and build your deep zoom experiences for both AJAX and Silverlight!