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Tweets on 2008-10-31

  • @JetSetZeroDan that was nice of her 🙂 #
  • off to check the scheds for tropic thunder.. #
  • oh crap clowns #
  • ok i hate clowns #
  • tom can still be hot as a bald guy. #
  • contemplating on whether i should watch another movie.. #
  • @armchairdude haha getting a caffeine fix first.. it’s freaking cold in the cinema! 😐 #

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PDC SOTD: Building a Graphics-Intensive Application in Silverlight


There’s so much content on and I’m trying to watch at least once a day. So my PDC Session of the Day is this Building a Graphics-Intensive Application in Silverlight by Seema Ramchandani

She highlights quite a number of things to bear in mind when you’re doing lots of animations, image & video rendering in your application. She also talks about a tool called XPerf which allows to “dissect” your CPU processes in order to analyze the performance of your applications. You can read more about this tool here

Another one on rage

While waiting for a cab today, after dinner with a few guys from the office, I suddenly heard  someone down the road screaming to two Caucasians, “I’m fucking <insert race local some here>! You know where you are? You’re in fucking asia! What makes you think I’m fucking drunk?” The two Caucasian dudes were trying to calm him down to no avail. And the cab he was apparently about to enter before he went into his fit of rage was trying to inch forward but couldn’t because the door was open with the raving man in between the the door and it’s latch. The screaming went on for about five minutes till he started to lower the volume and shake hands with the two guys. But it didn’t seem like he was saying anything pleasant as still pointing his fingers down at the to guys. The guy was definitely making a scene. And I think the guy  was obviously drunk, despite his very loud declaration that he wasn’t. He was making a fool out of himself too. It’s just so uncivilized. If a man can’t hold his drink, he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near alcohol. It didn’t look like the two guys were out to intentionally insult anyone’s heritage or anything like that (after all, they were in “fucking asia”)

I’m glad that I have control over my emotions and I never let it get the better of me (maybe not on my blog but still). Though , sometimes i think, it must feel good to just recklessly let out anger like that. It must be very relaxing/relieving. But having control over our emotions is what separates us from the animals. Maybe for some, a little dose of alcohol is enough to reduce their humanity. For others, even when they’re sober, a mere strike at the ego tips them off of their tight rope walk over their animalistic nature.

I wonder if people like that are actually aware of the concept of maturity, and how it’s only right for us to strive towards achieving it. Don’t all of us want to be recognized as mature individuals that can remain unfazed when someone tries to bring us down? I can’t remember where I read / or whom I heard it from but a saying has always been stuck on my mind that I remember when people are doing things to try to talk me down— “The only explanation for people trying to put you down is probably the fact that you’re above them”. I like that saying. It’s very mature, very logical. I have to admit that sometimes it’s difficult to “rise above”, and other times, some people just need a good talk down to be put in their place. Still other times, you just need to establish that you’re a force not to mess with.

Humans are such complex beings.

Professional Developer Conference 2008

For those of us who aren’t able to attend this year’s Professional Developer Conference, the good news is, all the content they’re delivering will be available online through the site This feed ( will give you all the sessions that have been recorded and posted on Channel 9 (it’s a lot of content!) I highly recommend watching the Keynotes, especially the Day 2 Keynote (Day Two #1 – Ray Ozzie, Steven Sinofsky, Scott Guthrie and David Treadwell) where they showcase all the cool stuff that Microsoft is coming out with very soon. Very exciting stuff!

You just have to love technology. 🙂

McDonald’s in Bugis Junction seem to hire wild animals as crew


I’m having my dose of unhealthy food, trying to enjoy the night time breeze when I suddenly feel a splash of wetness on my face. I look up, it doesn’t seem to be raining. I turn my head around to see one of the crew, walking around, swaying a wash cloth in his hand, enthusiastically blessing us all with the dampness that was once on one of the nearby tables.


Maybe it was closing time but what is closing time when a store has a big “Open 24 hours” sign right outside. Mr. Splashy starts dragging the tables and chairs around me while I’m still trying to enjoy my meal. Wait it’s not even dragging. It’s pushing the chairs forward AND downward to make sure it makes the sharpest, screechy-est of sounds. Then he nudges the chair next to me over and says “Excuse me” (with feign politeness). I look up at him with a half digested piece of meat and fries in my mouth while asking “What do you want me to do?” and he responds “I want to arrange the table”. I move out of his way. And the dragging continues. He seems to be very skilled at it to. I still can’t understand why he seems to think that pushing down on the tables and chairs while moving it along the floor will the task any easier for him. Same goes for how he finishes each table and chair arrangement by tossing the item up and making sure it lands on the ground with the loudest noise possible.

Okay, maybe McDonald’s was never known for it’s customer service, but seriously, If their hiring people like this, they should at least put collars on them to warn people of their nature. That way, the human beings can control themselves more and keep their anger tolerance above normal so as not to cause unnecessary exhibitions of rage. I would like nothing more than to be able to let out how much i am pissed right now but I’d certainly like to keep believing that I am civilized enough not to engage in a violent exchange with this primitive. Do I sound like i’m about to get my period again?

Uh-oh. Mr. Splashy is back.

It’s time to get serious, boy

My friend Brian started this interesting travel project that I’ve been following through their site online. The first time I heard about it, I thought it was pretty crazy. I heard some pretty crazy ideas before too and in those cases, the crazy ideas usually fizzled out and just somehow get forgotten. I know, I’ve had a lot of them.

But now a few months later, I was actually in Vietnam while they’re on one of the legs of their project, witnessing them do all that they had said they would do 3 months back. I was constantly in touch with Brian and I know all this happened not without it’s fair, well maybe not so fair, share of trials and tribulations. And yet, they’re here, still going at it, and seeming to be having the time of their lives despite everything.

I definitely admire the group for the determination they have to do what they’ve set out to do. I guess they’re an inspiration to me that even the craziest of plans can happen if you have the discipline to plan properly for it, and run.

That’s definitely something I want to have and I want to work towards. As I was immersed in the “Jet Set Zero experience” and witnessing all this over the weekend, I was thinking about my own life and I realized I should step up my efforts in getting myself together. I don’t want to go back to mediocrity. Whether it means I continue with status quo, or make a drastic change with some of the aspects of my life, I will make sure, it’s not going to be mediocre. I’m starting to get that life is just full of opportunities for us to make it even greater than it already is.

And I seriously hope this is not just another daze phase.