Monthly Archives: June 2008

Sound problem with T61p – fix

I had just recently gotten at T61p for work and I have to say it’s a very sweet machine, with all its 1920X1200 pixels.  I did have a problem when my machine was running on battery, the sound seemed to choke every 1.5 seconds or so. My friend forwarded me the fix and i thought it might be useful to post this for others experiencing the same problems (i heard it’s not just me). Turns out, it’s the network card driver that’s causing all the trouble. This site has the driver update for pre-vista machines but the driver seems to work on vista as well, i just tried it out myself.

Check it out!

Add Silverlight Link is gone?

Not sure if it’s just me experiencing this but in the past, when you create your SL app first then decide to add it to a new or existing website, all you had to do was have both the website and your sl app in the same solution, right click on the website and you should be able to right click on the website project and click on “add silverlight link”. That should allow you to be be able to keep working on your SL app and build into the client bin directory of your website.

If any of you have started working on Beta 2, the option seems to be gone. You will still be able to do so by clicking on the property pages of your website. when you click on add, you will see the familiar dialog box that allows you to choose which SL application in your solution to link to the website.



UPDATE: A more comprehensive list of ways to do the above can be found on

Along with the list of what’s new in the tools for Beta 2.